[2015-03-23] - 20 players represent the future of the game in our region Gulf - Dubai hosts wedding youth team golf GCC

Count seemed to waiver of the tournament the second Gulf U-15, which is scheduled to nestled in the United Arab Emirates on the golf club Dubai Creek Yacht and Golf during the period from the seventh century to the twenty-second of the month of March with the participation of the stars most promising of all the teams in the GCC, which are under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairman of the two unions and the Arab Emirates Golf.

As is known, the first championship was held in the Sultanate of Oman has crowned its team title "Jeros" Total year with the national team won the title net "net."

Delegations derogatory sail

It is due to the arrival of the participating teams begin on Tuesday, where she lives the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Dubai as he pushes all of them for the first training session stadiums Dubai Creek Club in the second and 40 minutes of the day after tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon and preceded by a meeting of the Technical Committee in the second Ashro pm At six-thirty in the evening the same will be the participating teams on a date with the opening ceremony.

The start of the official competitions

The competition will be launched in the first round, but the seventh quarter of Thursday morning after six in the evening and in the organizing committee and regulatory committee Golf Gala Dinner will hold the honor of the participating delegations will be exchanged shields and souvenirs at the headquarters of the establishment of delegations Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The tournament will be completed on Friday and Saturday approvers 20 and March 21 and the closing ceremony will be held in the second coronation completely from noon on Saturday.

Zarooni welcomes delegates

He welcomed His Excellency Adel Al Zarooni contrite President of the Union of the participating delegations Cooperation Council (GCC), noting that the participation of the most promising stars in this event delights breasts because they represent the future of the game in Khalegna generous.

He Zarooni We have been careful in the UAE federation that care about preparing for this tournament because it represents Alaandalaq base of the game not only in the UAE but also in all the countries of the region.

The newest brothers and welcome them in their second State of the United Arab Emirates, and wished all a pleasant stay in their second home, the United Arab Emirates, and all the teams success.

Shamsi: Hopes petition

For his part, Khalid Mubarak Al Shamsi, Secretary General of the Union of Emirates Golf and director of national teams Member of the Organizing Committee of the Golf Cooperation Council readiness of our team participating in the tournament noting that the EU was keen to prepare this promising team that represents us hope the forthcoming about ascend the podium at all levels.

Shamsi expressed the hope that reconciles the national team in providing a strong presentation during the Gulf demonstration, expressing the hope that the masses on the ground Club Dubai Creek star pursue future of the game in UAE. They paint the future roadmap.