[2015-01-04] - UAE to host Championship ages 2015 - Arab Golf Federation confirm the agenda of tournaments for over 3 years

Arab Golf Federation adopted a calendar of tournaments until 2015, during the last meeting of the Executive Office, which was held on the sidelines of the Arab Championship fourteen junior and fifth for girls hosted by the city of Sousse, Tunisia, and it has been approved for Egypt to host Arab Championship for Men in June the Arab Championship for junior teams and the young men and women to be held in Tunisia next September, and Saudi to hosts men Championship in November 2014, to be held in Cairo is the ages Arabs Championship in September 2014, and hosts in Beirut Arab Championship for men in 2015, and starring stages in United Arab Emirates in 2015.

The meeting was attended by Adel Mohammed Al Zarooni Secretary-General "Emirates Union", and members of Fahd al-Naimi "Qatar", and Dr. Faisal Alam El Din, "Lebanon", and Ibrahim Rateb "Egypt". Executive Office of the Arab Federation of Golf support and praised the attention of His Excellency Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Arab Golf Federation, the participants confirmed the keenness of the Union to activate the activities and the implementation strategy of the new edition, which extends up to 2017, which is in the interest of the game and the players and staff. During the meeting it was decided to form a committee to develop young people headed by the Egyptian Ibrahim\'s Rateb, and the membership representative of Qatar, Morocco and Tunisia, as a committee was formed for Marketing and Media, headed by Kuwaiti Abdul Aziz Al-Mulla and a representative of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Oman, to address the concerned unions for the nomination of it deems what is appropriate to be among the members of the Committee for what is proposed to her, with an emphasis on the candidate for the development of proposals and calibrated to operationalize the Commission.

Committee was formed to determine the standards and regulations, conditions and requirements of host countries for the championships of the Arab Union for the coming years Lebanese headed by Dr. Faisal Alam El Din, and the membership of Ali Saqer Al Nuaimi and Mostafa Zein and just Zarooni and Fahd al-Naimi and Dr. Faisal Alam El Din Ibrahim taxes and Abdul Aziz al-Mulla. It was decided to establish a session of the referees, to be in coordination with one of the sponsors of the game companies, with set conditions and rules for those wishing to participate in this session, with the advantage that the nomination be sons of the game and those who made it and within her family. And The Board of Executive Office of Administration to submit a recommendation of the Assembly on the help of some countries, according to the circumstances of each of them during the hosting of any tournament organized by the Union, and to address the Member States that did not participate in tournaments organized by the Union to find out the reasons that prevented their participation, with an emphasis on them the necessity and importance of active participation of all Union activities and tournaments.

Committee studied the proposal made by Adel Al Zarooni to form a team Arabic course in preparation for the establishment of many games, especially at the continental level, and it was proposed to be configured Asian team and another from North Africa like the system and the rules of Ryder Cup which will be held as usual between the teams of Europe and the United States annually, and all agreed to raise the subject of the General Assembly of the Federation meeting to be held on the sidelines of the Arab Championship for men in the month of March 2013 to take it deems appropriate