[2015-01-04] - Fahim Al Qasimi, chairman of the Arab Federation of Golf for the second consecutive session

New members of the General Assembly of the Union of the Arab Golf, renewed confidence in Sheikh Fahim Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, chairman of the electoral cycle which again extends until 2017, was also at the meeting renewal for Adel Al Zarooni in post of Secretary General of the Federation, an electoral cycle again at the Union of Arab Emirates and retention.

This came during a general assembly meeting in «Swiss Inn» Hotel in the Egyptian capital Cairo, which was held on the sidelines of the 33rd Arab championship golf course, saw the meeting set for each of the Bahraini Ali Saqer Al-Naimi, Moroccan Mustapha Zein, by acclamation at the offices of Vice President. He won in the membership of the Executive Office and through secret election, in which participated 12 representatives of all member states of the country Fahd bin Nasser Al-Naimi, the Kuwaiti Mullah Abdul Aziz, and Lebanese Faisal Alam El Din, and the Egyptian Ibrahim Osman.

Thanks Assembly on trust For his part, Sheikh Fahim Al Qassimi expressed his pleasure to the members of the Arab Union to renew confidence in him, and said he «it’s our pleasure to meet again for the goal we all strive for is the development of Arab golf who worked for him over the past four years, and we have come through it great strides ». The «we hope to continue the cooperation between us, and that is our team spirit, in the hope that take all Arab golf to new heights according to our expectations in providing a good atmosphere for our players contribute to the development levels only in guarantee them the competition is not at the regional level only, but also on the international level, along with interest and preparation of the administrative and technical cadres of the game, and this will be achieved, God willing, through concerted efforts of all ».