[2015-01-04] - Arab Golf Federation constitutes committees and decide course for referees and two tournaments in Cairo and Riyadh

Executive Office of the Arab Federation of Golf decided during its last meeting in Dubai, headed by Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairman of the two unions of the UAE and the Arab Golf, that the agenda of the Union for 2014 include the establishment of two tournaments as the Arab Republic of Egypt which embraces fifteen Arab Championship for juniors in both categories under 15 and 18 years ,and the sixth junior that nestled Palm Hills golf courses in sixth of October in the Egyptian capital Cairo during the period from 26 until October 31, 2014, and will host the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh and Riyadh golf competitions Arab Championship 34 men during the period of 8 to 15 October.Arab Golf Federation also announced the close coordination and cooperation with the Organizing Committee for the Arab States of the Gulf of golf in all programs and activities.

Adel Mohammed Al Zarooni Secretary General of the Arab Union for golf said that these programs are an extension of what has been programmed and implemented during the past period, targeting the present and the future of the game and its staff, which comes in accordance with the vision and support of His Excellency Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Arab Golf Federation, and fruitful and serious cooperation from his brothers members of the office Executive Council of the Arab Golf Federation administration to achieve the highest degree of excellence through the promotion of the game and the presence of Arab distinctive continental down to the universal. He expressed his happiness for Union success during the current session, headed by Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, who provided all the support for the success of the task of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, where he combined all efforts to achieve a bumper harvest during the last period at various levels of the game.

Zarooni explained style of work and cooperation which eased our mission, and was not limited to work on the Arab level, but raised to the regional and international levels, where we held a series of meetings and meetings with officials from the sport in the Arab world to support and activate the local unions for golf and the dissemination of the game and raise the level of practitioners of boys and girls activities to form Base the quality of the game and her family in general. He announced the organization of the Arab Union for the first time the new edition, which extends until 2017 the course of the rehabilitation and refine for rulers of golf in collaboration with the Royal Scottish club honored for golf R & A during the period from (3-5) November 2014 in Dubai, which will be held in conjunction with the establishment of competition final round Championship "challenge Dubai Festival City" Conclusion of the European challenge Tour, by incubating Badia Club during the same period, which will in which "the Scottish Royal Golf Club" R & A experts, providing consoles and experiences particularly with regard to the education of the rules and the fundamentals of the game and its rules in workshops. He announced the formation of the Arab Union for many working in the union committees, which included a committee for youth development (standing committee) headed by Egyptian Ibrahim Rateb and membership Munther Barwani (Oman) and Maher Albouchmawi (Tunisia), Mohamed Bouhlal (Morocco) and Salim Mohammed Musa (Libya).

Committee was formed for Media and Marketing Association (standing committee) headed by Abdul Aziz Al-Mulla (Kuwait), and the membership of Mohammed Faisal al-Naimi (Qatar), Mohamed Abdul Mohsen Al-Essa (Saudi Arabia) and Dr. Faisal Alam El Din (Lebanon) and just Fayyad (Bahrain) and just Zarouni (UAE ).

Committee was formed to determine the standards and regulations and the terms of systems ,and the establishment of the Arab Championships (temporary committee) headed by Dr. Faisal Alam El Din, and the membership of Ali Saqer Al Nuaimi (Bahrain) and Fahd al-Naimi (Qatar), Ibrahim Rateb (Egypt).

Committee was formed by Messrs Mustafa Zain (Morocco) and Abdul Aziz al-Mulla (Kuwait), Fahd al-Naimi (Qatar) to review the Executive Regulations (internal) of the Arab Federation of Golf, and the extent of the necessary amendments to conform to the regulations of the Arab Union for sport, to submit its recommendations to the Executive Office of the Arab Federation of Golf. At the same time, the union is now seeking to update the Arab Golf Federation logo, and the search for the best in line with the current and the next stage, and was the subject of conversion updated logo to the Committee on Media and Marketing to study and make recommendations to the Executive Office of the Union.