[2015-01-04] - The agenda of the Executive Office of the Arab Federation for golf meeting in the UAE

Location: Emirates Golf Club = = Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai Date and Time: Thursday, January 30, 2014 at ten in the morning Thread: an invitation to a meeting of the Executive Office of the Arab Federation of Golf

1 - A welcome speech by HE Adel Al Zarooni Secretary General of the Arab Union of Golf which convey the greetings and thanked His Excellency Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Arab Golf Federation and wishes-time collaboration that aims to better the future of the game and its staff and players at the Arab level, and then are presented the agenda for the second meeting of the Bureau Executive of the Arab Federation of Golf

2 - Ratification of Previous Meeting Minutes (II) of the Executive Office, which was held in the Republic of Tunisia sister city of Sousse on September 26, 2013.

3 - See the financial report with thanks and appreciation to the unions that have paid their annual contributions, emphasizing the rest of the Arab urged unions to be bound to pay the annual contributions of the Arab Union fees.

4 - see the Arab Union for the next Golf Championships program during the new session of the Board of Directors of the Federation over the next three years for teams of men and young people and young girls and to draw a map to ensure the implementation perfectly compatible with the upcoming ambitions for the game and its staff and players. As suggested earlier, according to the attached table:







Host Countries for young and ladyies


Host Country for Teams





Saduia Arabia



United Arab Emirates








5 - found on the proposals made by Mr. Ibrahim Rateb of the President of the Commission on Youth Development, and the formation of the committee of representatives of unions in Oman, Morocco and Tunisia, has been nominated Mr. Munther Al Barwani head of the Omani Golf Federation membership, and Libyan Union expressed a desire to organic nominate Dr. Salem Moses, was not naming the two unions and representatives of the Moroccan Tunisian yet.

6 - The formation of the Committee for Media and Marketing in the Arab Golf Federation headed by Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Mulla started. It was the nomination of Mr. Mohammed Faisal Al Nuaimi, Executive Director of the Qatar Golf for membership of the committee, and expressed his desire to join the Libyan Union for membership to nominate Mr. Salem Mohammed Alabbar, and no representatives of the Saudi and Lebanese unions for membership candidacy.The Executive Office during its previous meeting had decided that each committee consists of three members of a minimum and shall preside over each committee member of the Executive Office.

7 - The formation of a committee to study the development of regulations and the terms of systems and the establishment of the Arab Championships, has not been run for the membership of the unions and all the Libyan Union expressed a desire to nominate Mr. Ramadan Ali Abid.

8 - Study the proposals submitted by the unions and members of the Executive Office of the amendment to the Statute of the Arab Federation of Golf to conform to and comply with the regulations of the Arab Union for sport.

9 - See the book Saudi Golf Federation to host the Arab Championship 34 in Saudi Arabia during the months of October or November, and preparedness, with unions urged the need to participate.

10 - Discuss the issue of modernizing the Arab Golf Federation logo.

11 - to prepare for the development and refinement of the rulers of the game, old and new course under the supervision of the Arab Golf Federation in collaboration with the Scottish club R + A.

12 - Access to incoming messages

13 - Any other matters

14 - Discuss the issue of a special book printing laws and the training of golf by Mr. Abu Hassan Mohammed golf coach in Saudi Arabia. Adel Mohamed Saleh Al Zarooni Secretary General of the Arab Union of Golf

Adel Mohamed Saleh Al Zarooni
Secretary General of the Arab Union of Golf