[2015-01-04] - Executive Arab golf confirm programs until the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

The formation of permanent and temporary committees to activate the Arab activity Executive Office of the Arab Federation of Golf decided in a meeting chaired by His Excellency Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Arab Golf Federation approval of the Arab Union for the next Golf Championships program during the new session of the Board of Directors of the Federation over the next three years for teams of men and young people and young girls, and to draw a map to ensure that the implemented is perfect and compatible with the upcoming ambitions for the game and its staff and players, and included the establishment of the Arab Championship for men in Saudi Arabia in October ,and starring the young boys and young girls in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the next year, men Championship 2015 will be hosted by the Lebanese Republic in September, while the established youth and junior championships in the UAE in September in 2016 men's tournament held in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in March and held ages Championship for both sexes in the State of Kuwait. Welcome and Valuation The meeting was initiated with a speech by His Excellency Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Arab Union in which he welcomed the guests of the UAE in their second home, thanking and appreciating members of the Executive Office of the great efforts that have been made during the last period ,and adding big confidence to continue giving and harness all their experience in the public interest to achieve the desired ambitions ,His Excellency the President of the Union pointed that the next stage requires more effort and tender, especially that there are significant challenges to the Union and the benefits need to continue to work hard to achieve the hopes and aspirations. The meeting was attended in Great Hall Club Emirates Golf in Dubai by Adel Mohammed Al Zarooni Secretary General of the Arab Union (UAE) and Vice-President Ali Saqer Al Nuaimi (Bahrain) and Mostafa Zein (Morocco) and member Abdul Aziz Al-Mulla (Kuwait) and Fahd al-Naimi (Qatar) and Dr. Faisal Alameddine (Lebanon). Agenda The agenda were busy with many topics of interest to golf Arab family where his Excellency Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi presented the proposed agenda points with some suggestions and constructive ideas for the game and its cadres It was approved on the previous meeting of the Executive Office, which was held in Tunisia a month in September 2013 Minutes, briefed the Bureau on the financial report with thanking and appreciation of most of the unions that have paid their annual contributions, and to emphasize the need to communicate with some Arab unions to comply with the payment of the annual subscription fees of the Arab Union which has postponed discussing the proposals made by Ibrahim salary of the President of the Commission on youth Development, for his absence from the meeting will be studied during the next committee meeting of youth development. The formation of committees Executive Office briefed on the nominations wishing unions occupy membership youth development has been the formation of the Commission, headed by Ibrahim Rateb that (standing committee) members Munther Barwani (Oman) and Maher Albouchmawi (Tunisia) and Mohamed Bouhlal (Morocco) and Salem Mohammed Musa (Libya). The formation of the Committee for Media and Marketing in the Arab Golf Federation (standing committee) headed by Abdul Aziz Al-Mulla, which (Kuwait) member Mohammed Faisal al-Naimi (Qatar), Mohamed Abdul Mohsen Al-Essa (Saudi Arabia) and Dr. Faisal Alam El Din (Lebanon) and just Fayyad (Bahrain) and Adel Al Zarooni (UAE). Committee was formed to determine the standards and regulations and the terms of systems and the establishment of the Arab Championships, which is headed by Dr. Faisal Alameddine Commission (temporary) and the membership of Ali Saqer Al Nuaimi (Bahrain) and Fahd al-Naimi (Qatar) and Ibrahim salary (Egypt), and will study the proposals made by Dr. Faisal Alam Religion Chairman of the Committee during the next meeting of the committee to submit its recommendations to the Executive Office of the Federation at the next meeting. Committee was formed by Messrs Mustafa Zain (Morocco) and Abdul Aziz al-Mulla (Kuwait), Fahd al-Naimi (Qatar) to review the Executive Regulations (internal) of the Arab Federation of Golf and the extent of the necessary amendments to conform to the regulations of the Arab Union for Sport (Committee on Temporary) to submit its recommendations to the Executive Office of the Union Arab golf. Hosting by Saudi Arabia The participants were briefed on the book of the Saudi Golf Federation to host the Arab Championship 34 in Saudi Arabia during the month of October 2014, and prepare for them, while urging the unions on the need to participate in and give thanks for the Saudi Federation of Golf on hosting was discuss the issue of modernizing the Arab Golf Federation logo, and the search for better in line with the current and the next stage, was converted Multi updated logo to the Committee on media and Marketing to study and make recommendations to the Executive Office of the Union and to prepare for the development and refinement of the rulers of the game, old and new course under the supervision of the Arab Golf Federation in collaboration with the Scottish club R + A and the Union of Emirates Golf. It was decided to hold the next meeting in Saudi Arabia during the Arab Championship for the next 34 Golf.